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Created on March 22, 2012, this blog is dedicated to the rich and diverse Philippine cultures and it's people. You will find here pictures of the indigenous, music, dances, baybayin art, places in the Philippines, tattoos, animistic beliefs, myths and legends, deities, food, martial arts, and everything that makes us Pilipinx.

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The Ultramar Leones Troop | West Philippine Sea Defense Force

Three extraordinary scouts were secretly deployed on an island to monitor suspicious Chinese activity near the West Philippine Sea border.


This makes me feel powerful.

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Live Art by Gerilya
Flat Latex on Plywood
For Art in the Park 2016
Salcedo Park, Makati City
Photo courtesy Aldrich Alarilla

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“The aftermath of the biological family reunion – where does an adoptee go from here? How does one balance two families? These are some of the questions that James Beni Wilson will attempt to answer in his next film project, Once Upon An Ochia.

There are not many documentaries that highlight the ongoing relationship of an adoptee after reuniting with their biological family. I will be will be mapping out a collective narrative focusing on the inter-cultural interactions between my families and myself. It will also include genealogy work of putting together a family tree and capturing the living oral history. This film is dedicated to adoptees, specifically trans-racial or trans-national adoptees, who are finding their way building and balancing new and old relationships, how it may impact one’s identity; to bring you a glimpse of what it may be like after post-reunion of an adoptee “finding their roots.

Please help me reach my goal in fundraising for my latest documentary film here!  Even if you don’t donate, that’s fine as long as you help me share my indiegogo campaign I’ll be very grateful!”


I invite you to join me on the rest of this journey to reach back as I move forward.

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